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You’ve been enjoying sea shanty karaoke videos on our Youtube channel – thanks for checking them out! Lots of you

We’re still in an Irish port. That means a wee break from sea shanties and the opportunity to explore some

We’re in an Irish port for the next two songs. That means a break from sea shanties and a chance

This traditional song has its origins in Scottish and Irish people emigrating to America and Canada. Although popular culture has

Popular even before ShantyTok, Drunken Sailor is probably the most widely known sea shanty. It’s the go-to tune when pirates

Another ShantyTok favourite popularised by Nathan Evans… Leave Her Johnny is a shanty with a unique purpose – traditionally it

Roll the Old Chariot Along is one of our all-time favourite shanties to sing. It’s also known as A Drop

The Wellerman needs no introduction. ShantyTok has made it ubiquitous; even those who know nothing about sea shanties seem to

It seems the humble sea shanty is everywhere these days. It went from being an integral part of ship life